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Terra Luna Classic Price Forecast When will the next token burn for Binance?

Terra Luna Classic is making preparations for a bullish riseto $0.00037 after a solid hold at $0.00025 support.   In the past few months, the stock's performance has did not please investors, since they had to count losses as high as $0.00037.   However, the data from a double bottom that has was recently observed on the chart for four hours suggests that a move of 26% upwards could be in the near future. Terra Luna Classic Token Burn On Binance Catches Momentum Binance's exchange is taking the place in the Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) burning process for tokens.   The Binance exchange's efforts seem to be paying off with nearly 8.5 billion tokens being removed out of the cryptocurrency project's stock.   In the second week of process of burning that began in September 26, and concluded on the 1st of October, witnessed 5.5 million LUNC tokens wiped out of existence.   Similar to the week that ended on October 8 wiped out 2.9 billion tokens of stock. The biggest crypto exch